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24.05.2018 | ConWEEB workshop in Brussels

RE4, VEEP, INNOWEE and Green Instruct. These four European research projects under the H2020 programme organise a common workshop within the EU Green Week on 24th May 2018 in Brussels. The workshop called ConWEEB (Converting construction waste into energy-efficient buildings) present innovative solutions for converting construction and demolition waste (CDW) into new prefabricated elements for better energy efficiency of buildings.

For more information please visit section ConWEEB workshop.
Registration is free of charge!

25.04.2018 | Great chance to see the RE4 project at Building Fairs in Brno!

Save the date for visiting Building Fairs in Brno (Czech Republic). From 25th to 28th April 2018 you will have a chance to see a unique presentation of all aspects of housing and house constructions, building management services, technical solutions and equipment.

The RE4 project will be presented by FENIX TNT.

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