Reuse and Recycling of construction and demolition waste
Innovative prefabricated elements with high degree of recycled materials
Reuse structures from demolished buildings
Minimize environmental impacts in construction industry
Develop a RE4-prefabricated energy-efficient building concept
Developing of prefabricated components that can be easily assembled and
Disassembled for future reuse


WEBINAR 1: Solutions for high-quality recycling of CDW

5th December 2019

RE4 project introduction (CETMA) - 10min
Innovative sorting system based on automated robotics (STAM) - 20min
Concrete mix design (QUB) - 20min
Question time – 10min

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WEBINAR 2: RE4 prefab building elements incorporating up to 100% of CDW

18th December 2019

RE4 project introduction (CETMA) - 10min
RE4 structural elements (CREAGH) - 15min
RE4 non-structural sandwich panels (RISE) - 15min
RE4 timber elements (ZRS) - 15min
RE4 insulation panels (CETMA) - 15min
RE4 extruded concrete tiles (VORTEX) - 15min
Question time – 10min

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WEBINAR 3: How to build a fully recycled house

22nd January 2020

RE4 project introduction (one of the partners involved) – 10min
Demo in Spain (ACCIONA) – 15min
Demo in UK (CREAGH) – 15min
Demo in Italy (STRESS) – 15min
Replicability in Taiwan (NTUST) – 15min
Disassembly strategies (ACCIONA&ZRS) – 15min
Question time – 10min

WEBINAR 4: Solutions for a wide acceptance of CDW-based materials and component

6th February 2020

RE4 project introduction (one of the partners involved) – 5min
Standardization/quality issues (RISE/QUB) – 20min
Public authority perspective (ACR+) – 20min
LCA, LCC, SLCA issues (STRESS) – 20min
Question time – 10min


04.11.2019 | RE4 7th GA in Naples & Public Workshop within SAIE fair

On 22nd & 23rd of October, the 7th General Assembly Meeting took place in Naples, Italy. The meeting included a visit to the demo site in Benevento. (Find photos from the visit here!)

On the 24th of October a joint workshop of H2020 projects RE4 and GREEN INSTRUCT was held in Bari, Italy within the SAIE fair. The project partners had a great opportunity to present their ideas and discuss with the participants of the workshop.

The workshop was a great success and attracted many attendants of the fair.

You can find more information, photos and presentations HERE!

10.10.2019 | RE4 Demo sites

Check out the new section of our website about the RE4 project demo sites. You can learn more information about the Benevento site in Italy more information will be added soon!

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