European Week For Waste Reduction

Photogallery of the European Week For Waste Reduction.


21.09.2018 | ECO-Binder workshop in Italy

RE4 project was presented during the workshop „New Era of Concrete" of the ECO-Binder project on 20th September 2018 in Treviso, Italy. The project was introduced by FENIX TNT via brochures and poster presentation.

18.09.2018 | ReSiELP Project: “Go to Market” Technical Workshop

CETMA has taken part in the "Go to Market" Technical Workshop of ReSiELP European Project, arranged at the offices of EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology - Raw Materials on 12th September 2018 in Berlin. CETMA has interacted with the participants bringing its experience on the huge potentialities of recycled materials for the building sector such as glass recovered from PV-panels, industrial by-products of dfferent origin as well as construction and demolition wastes in the RE4 project.

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