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Four demo buildings will showcase: the RE4 solutions for new construction in two different climatic zones (Spain and UK) and the RE4 strategy for the disassembly and reuse of materials and structures from dismantled buildings, the RE4 solutions for refurbishment (Italy), the replication potential outside EU (Taiwan).

Benevento (Italy)

The Department of Engineering of University of Sannio disposes of an experimental station for testing different solutions for the building envelope under real weather conditions, using data analysis, system identification and time-series-analysis techniques.

The lab is located in Benevento City, in south Italy. It has a typical Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters.

Under the scientific supervision of Eng. Rosa Francesca de Masi, the laboratory is used for different activities that may be classified as:

  • Experiments in the Energy Efficiency in Building for research projects.
  • Collaboration with and services for building materials and component manufacturers.
  • Experimental support for preparation of standards and regulations.

One test-wall of the laboratory has been prepared for the integration of RE4 elements.

The selected elements are: insulating wood boards, 14 cm thick, and extruded coloured concrete tiles from CDW, 2.5 cm thick. Due to the installation of vertical and horizontal steel rails an open joint ventilated façade has been realized, in which the extruded tiles are the cladding system. The air cavity, with the horizontal holey rails, about 10 cm thick.

Some preliminary results have allowed to highlight: the great insulation effect of the wooden panels and the good behaviour of tiles from CDW as a cladding system of a ventilated façade. A long-time monitoring will bring valid results for defining the in-field thermal and hygrometric behavior about this configuration of open joint ventilated façade and its incidence as a passive technology for improving the energy performance of building envelope in Mediterranean climate.

Watch the timelapse video of the ventilated façade installation


17.09.2019 | ANOTHER FINAL for RE4

We are delighted to inform you that RE4 project has been selected for the final session of the INERTIA AWARD. The winner of this award will be announced at the RemTech Expo.

RE4 is competing in the "New products and materials in the implementation of circular economy best practices in the construction sector" category. The event will take place from 18th to 20th September in Ferrara, Italy (near Bologna). Thanks for your support!

16.09.2019 | RE4 project on Euronews!

We feel very proud that our project was shown on the official Euronews channel in the Futuris report. And what is even better - It is freely available online in three European languages!

Take a look & learn more about the RE4 project!

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